Our Story

Nai Lium Saetern originally came to the United States in 1980 from Mien with her older brother, two younger sisters, and her uncle. Upon reaching the United States, she started working at a factory, but later quit as she discovered how hard it was to work at a company when she could not speak English. After helping to bring her husband to the United States in 1981, she decided to try her hand at being a babysitter, but that did not work as well as she hoped, since she found it especially difficult to read storybooks. 

Nai’s home in Laos

Nai was determined to be independent. She loved to cook, eat food, and talk to people. Previously, anyone who tasted even a bit of her food fell in love with it. Because of the positive feedback, she told her husband that she wanted to start a restaurant, and her husband agreed, but said that she would have to do it by herself because he was still working full time at the factory. Nai resolutely took up the challenge, starting Green Champa Garden in Fremont, CA. 

Nai with her husband and son

With her hard work and perseverance, Nai has created her own successful business which honors the history of her and her loved ones. From having just 25 items on the original menu, Green Champa Garden has grown to incorporate a staggering number of delicious items with the help of customer feedback.

Nai with her coworkers at Green Champa Garden

Why Green Champa Garden?

The name Green Champa Garden has a long history and combines many meaningful concepts. The champa is the national flower of Laos and the Mien people, and is considered to be extremely lucky. The name Green Champa Garden evokes the image of a backyard full of green plants whose flowers have yet to grow and provide fortune and hope for the future.

People from any culture will surely love and remember the food they have here at Green Champa Garden. We hope to see you here soon!